Who We

Who We Are

Property Brisbane are
a reputable "Project Sales
& Marketing" Property Agency with extensive industry contacts in Queensland, Australia.

Mr Warwick Stansfield, the company principal, is actively engaged in each transaction
to ensure the best outcome
is achieved on behalf of our clients.


As "Project Marketers" we also tap into years of industry experience. We generally ensure the prospective property is well located, and will represent excellent value for money.

Warwick Stansfield has worked for ASX and DAX listed companies for more than 27 years. He has
held senior management positions with high
brand value companies such as Porsche
and Mercedes-Benz.

Warwick is an active Director and a long standing Brisbane Corporate citizen. He is also a licensed Real Estate Agent in Queensland Australia.

His experience dealing with executives on all levels provides for an innate understanding of client's wants and needs.

Why Us

Why Us
  • We are licensed to act as a Real Estate Agent.
  • We are a registered business compliant with
    the current requirements of Australian law.
  • We specialise in searching, evaluating and
    negotiating the purchase of a property on
    behalf of the Buyer/Developer.
  • We have access to dedicated resources which
    enable us to provide accurate and comprehensive
    property reports and project feasibility.
  • We are specialists in analysing the property
    and area the Buyer/Developer is considering.
  • Our extensive network gives us access to many
    properties and projects which are not currently
    advertised for sale.
  • We are well known and respected and successfully negotiate property transactions of any value and description.
  • We work with the Buyer/Developer to support and guide them through the complete process of buying
    a property to capital realisation of the end product.
  • We can guarantee complete privacy throughout
    the entire process.
  • When the Buyer/Developer engages us we are legally and morally bound to get the best outcome for them and provide accurate information at all times.
  • We communicate openly with our client because
    we are working exclusively for them.
  • We will save the Buyer/Developer precious time
    and money.
  • We value trust and our integrity is paramount.